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Barbara Broxterman’s – Wayfinding with Horses |

Barbara Broxterman’s – Wayfinding with Horses

IMG_1570“Raise your hoof if you would like to work with today’s client”. No, those are not words spoken at horse boardroom, but rather at stable in the loving hands of Barbara Broxterman.
Barbara has a business called Wayfinding with Horses in which she helps people connect with equine in hopes of them reconnecting with themselves. Wayfinding is a fairly new business and a new endeavor of this retired agricultural engineer. Mrs. Broxterman is a certified EGCM practioner. EGCM stands for Equine Gestalt Coaching Method. Gestalt phycology is a school of thought that tries to understand the laws of our ability to acquire and maintain meaningful perceptions in an apparently chaotic world. In other words, we have the answers to life problems, Gestalt simply helps us uncover them.
A self-proclaimed Air Force brat and a graduate of the University of Florida has moved back to Central Florida as a way of escaping the cold winters of Pennsylvania.

Wayfinding with Horses came about because Mrs. Broxterman would often have friends over to the farm and noticed how the horses had a healing power with many of the guests. Looking for a new adventure and moving from “head to heart”, she started up Wayfinding with Horses.

Wayfinding with Horses provides life coaching from Mrs. Broxterman to mostly women and children in transition. Many of her clients are at life’s “fork in the road” and don’t know which direction to head. She believes that everyone has their own answers, and it is through the connection between the horses and the clients that allow them to get in touch with their own feelings. What’s different is that her program does not involve therapeutic riding but rather emotional fitness coaching while the clients pet, feed, and brush the horses. Some of her clients include women going through divorce, ending a relationship, or former abuse victims. Also, she frequently works with children who are being bullied. “Children who do not have any clear boundaries just let anyone in”. She feels that working with horses help women and children become empowered again because the horses are looking for someone to lead and guide them. In fact, the horses do most of the work while Mrs. Broxterman guides and coaches throughout the lesson.

When people arrive they are asked to strip themselves of all of life’s weights. Not only mentally but physically. She asks that people remove extraneous things like phones and watches. She then leads them into the stable and looks for a connection. She asks the horses which one would like to work with the client and they sometimes reply back by raising their hoof. Sometimes she can tell that the horse is connecting with the client by the way they are looking at them. Oher times she can tell that a horse is not interested at all by them turning around in their stall when asked. The whole process is organic from the get go.

Her stable includes 4 horses and two miniature horses (VSSEs) who are smaller and more equipped to work with children due to their size.
She is a recent customer of Homes to Ranches and a friend. We really like what she is doing for the community and think her story needed to be heard.
You can click the link below to obtain more information and meet the herd themselves.
By: Joe DeFazio

Testimonials: Thank you, Barbara and horses[Belle, Vianca and V] My life has changed by leaps and bounds with you as my Coach. I have learned to live in the present. I continue to use the tools you taught me-daily. I show gratitude to lessons learned in past. thanking them and stay in the present. Looking forward to the future with joy and excitement. Each day it is easier to live from my heart [not my head]. My love and participation with nature continues to grow –peace and calm. Gratefully with love and blessings, Dianne.

I wanted you to know about some of the shifts in awareness that I have noted due to your coaching. I am being more mindful of the support that is coming in and being conscious of those who are offering support. It is coming from unexpected places. RK

“Who’s Behind the Mask?”

What mask’s do you where in life? Come and learn what wayfinding is all about, you will not be disappointed.

Barbara Broxterman’s Wayfinding with Horses has an event on Saturday, October, 24th! Visit Barbara’s Website for more information!
We hope to see you there!

wayfinding with horses

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